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Our Work

We provide health technology and workforce services to assist health organizations, upskill health workers and impact underserved and vulnerable populations. We promote entrepreneurial practices through coaching, mentoring and the introduction of innovative emerging tech and data science for community impact.

Scaling Youth Apprenticeships

Health Tech Alley, in partnership with the Maryland Center for Construction, Education & Innovation and the Carroll Technology & Innovation Council is creating infrastructure for the Maryland Apprenticeship Connector (MAC) which will serve as a statewide entity for youth apprenticeships in Maryland. Funded by the Maryland State Department of Education, the MAC will focus on five areas: centralization and coordination across the Maryland youth apprenticeship system; active collaborations and outreach with employers; consistency in work-based learning practices across Local Education Agencies; intentional actions to reach underserved populations and those with employment barriers; and opportunity to leverage tech-enabled services and emerging data science techniques. The MAC will serve as a support to all 24 LEAs in Maryland but will prioritize the LEAs receiving the MD Works grant. The desired outcome is to place at least 10 percent of seniors in those six LEAs in a registered youth apprenticeship by 2025.

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Telehealth Capacity-Building

MedChi Telehealth Image.png

with MedChi & Zane Networks

HTA partnered with Zane Networks and MedChi to conduct a telehealth webinar series and assist healthcare organizations to implement telehealth and remote patient management. The project helps providers serving underserved communities enhance and implement telehealth technology to better serve their patients. Webinars provided an overview of legislation, reimbursement, and real-world telehealth in peer practices; using telehealth to improve healthcare access; and using partnerships to advance and coordinate care.

Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center

EHR Selection & Implementation

HTA filled a void by leading selection of a Behavioral Health Electronic Health record for Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center. To comply with new regulations in the State of Maryland, Grassroots is opening an Outpatient Mental Health Clinic that must be supported by an operational EHR. HTA is providing support and technical assistance to Grassroots through the implementation and training on the selected EHR. If HTA had not stepped in at the right time, Grassroots could have been at risk of closing its doors.

VOA Hope Center.png

Volunteers of America

EHR Implementation

State requirements to improve coordination of health and behavioral health services require Volunteers of America (VOA) to implement a Behavioral Electronic Health Records system that works with Maryland Medicaid. Without an EHR, VOA could not provide critical services including housing, food, and medical assistance to homeless individuals. VOA did not have experience or resources to implement an EHR system. HTA stepped up to provide capacity-building and technical assistance to help VOA keep serving vulnerable individuals.

Optimizing EHR eCW for DC

Primary Care Association

HTA is partnering with the DC Primary Care Association  to improve the EHR system eCW. The project focuses on improving documentation quality and completeness, system use efficiency, user skills and knowledge for FQHC's who do not have the resources to make improvements on their own. HTA is addressing clinic and user-specific pain points that have impacted effective patient care, efficient and comprehensive clinical documentation, as well as end-user satisfaction. 


Healthcare Career Fundamentals

With UMMC, HCC, & Pass It On

HTA is partnering with Howard Community College and Pass IT On to train workers to fill high need roles at University of Maryland Medical Center. Partners developed curriculum to launch this training and certification programming for underemployed and unemployed workers. The program will focus on technology literacy, patient intake, active listening, teaming, and career success skills.

Advising and Mentoring Innovators and Entrepreneurs

HTA is actively engaged in advancing equal access and success in entrepreneurial initiatives. We advise, coach and mentor Healthcare and Tech founder-entrepreneurs and connect them to the startup networking ecosystems. This includes Maryland Tech Council Venture Mentoring Service, NewWave Foundation Startup Showcase, Maryland Innovation Center Pitch Competitions, Loyola University's Baltipreneurs Accelerator, Upsurge Equitech, University of Maryland’s Grid Pitch, VilCap’s Innovations in HealthEquity, J&J Health Equity Innovation Challenge, and others.

Young Businesswoman

Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring

For Whitman Walker Health

HTA is partnering with Huron Consulting Group on a telehealth and remote patient monitoring service delivery engagement for Whitman Walker Health, a pre-eminent Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) in Washington, DC. Whitman Walker has a strong reputation for serving Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer communities, and making healthcare accessible to vulnerable and underserved populations. This project will build on this legacy of offering services with dignity, respect and love. 

HBCU Fellowships

HTA is sponsoring health innovation fellowships for HBCU students in Maryland and Washington, DC. Catalyzing the entrepreneurial spirit is critical to growing local economies and expanding economic opportunities for all. Building capacity to promote health and wellness on campuses is critical for students completing their studies in stressful times. These fellowships match a student or student teams with a health or wellness organization to impact health, wellness, and equity both on campuses and in the wider community. 

Charity Volunteers

Assisting Vulnerable Populations

Health Tech Alley has partnered with treatment and recovery centers TruHealing and Helping Up Mission. Our services assist clients who have completed a defined recovery program with supportive services, access to training opportunities and assistance in job search and placement. Our innovative ‘life skill and competency’ reviews are coupled with case management and emerging data science techniques to help identify optimal
community resource matching, scaling of assistance services and client success in their next life stage.

Youth Career Planning

Social Capital is one of the most significant predictors of youth career success and a necessary component for long-term sustained economic mobility, especially for underrepresented populations and those with employment barriers. Health Tech Alley is partnered with Social Capital Builders to deliver an innovative program designed to prepare young adults for success in college and/or the world of work. This program facilitates active engagement, self-awareness, and overall well-being to support young adults ages 18-24 in making connections to key industry stakeholders and supportive adults who can be a source of labor market information, provide access to internship and apprenticeship programming and assist with industry career pathways.


Workforce Recruitment & Retention in Medical Office/Direct Care Settings

Health Tech Alley offers a variety of training, supportive and placement services to meet employer needs in entry level roles across administration, clerical roles, and direct care workers. This training includes short courses on healthcare settings, medical
certifications, digital literacy, and technology training. Job placement opportunities have included large medical systems, healthcare agencies serving developmentally disabled adults, and direct service workers in adjacent community impact organizations.

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