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HTA is partnering with MedChi and Zane Networks to increase access to primary care thru telehealth.

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Health Tech Alley is supporting telehealth and Remote Patient Management adoption by small and midsized healthcare practices.

Health Tech Alley (HTA) is partnering with Zane Networks and MedChi to host four telehealth webinars and provide an opportunity for healthcare practices to partner on a telehealth and remote patient management (RPM) pilot program. Many providers do not have the resources or time to successfully use telehealth and RPM to better reach their patients. Many of these providers provide critical care to underserved communities. HTA is stepping up to fill this gap.

The four webinars will help providers understand telehealth and RPM processes and how these can transform providing healthcare. Participants will learn about the latest development in telehealth including: 1) how to use telehealth and RPM to improve healthcare access and population health, 2) how recent legislation and reimbursement policies impact telehealth and RPM; 3) how Maryland’s total cost of care model and primary care program can improve care; and 4) how providers can benefit from lessons learned. The webinar series will also give an overview of a pilot program opportunity for providers to partner with HTA, MedChi, and Zane Networks to use telehealth and RPM to advance care.

MedChi CEO Gene Ransom said, “MedChi is always looking for opportunities to reach all providers across the State. This was a great opportunity to assist providers supporting underserved communities enhance and implement telehealth technology to better serve their patient community.”

Pilot Program to Support Implementation & Optimization

This pilot program will help practices select a telehealth vendor, obtain necessary technology, train staff, dedicate staff support, and successfully execute telehealth appointments.

“This project expands our focus on supporting safety net communities throughout the region. It adds to our previous efforts to support wider use of telehealth to help reduce access to healthcare,” according to Luigi LeBlanc, Zane Networks Vice President of Technology.

The ultimate goal is to increase access to primary care, especially in safety net communities and medically underserved populations.

HTA’s Robert Zimmerman said, “Health Tech Alley is glad that the US EDA Sprint Grant is providing us the opportunity to support providers who may not have the resources to implement telehealth technology to connect with patients more effectively. We are glad we are filling a void and continue to look for additional ways to bring technology to underserved communities.”

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