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Preparing People and Organizations for Healthcare of the Future

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Workforce Development

HTA trains, coaches, and mentors healthcare professionals and people looking to enter the healthcare workforce. We build highly interactive cohorts who learn from their peers as well as from experts. Training includes job shadowing, mentoring, apprenticeships, certifications, and a variety of onboarding approaches.


We provide training in: Healthcare Career Fundamentals; Health IT, Analytics, and Leadership; Data Analytics and Informatics, and HIMSS Certification Bootcamps. In addition to training in technical skills, we provide team and leadership development through Leadership Coaching for groups and individuals.

Learn More About our Health IT Workforce Development Program conducted by our Partner, HTAA IT Institute here.


Technology Enablement

HTA provides project management and facilitation for community health care organizations and providers. We provide capacity-building and technical assistance in IT Strategy, Vendor Selection, Change Management, Analytics and Reporting, and Cybersecurity Assessments.

We enable and empower organizations to leverage telehealth, remote patient monitoring, EHRs, predictive analytics, digital health, and other healthcare technology innovations to improve the health of their patients and the sustainability of their organizations and practices.

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship

HTA connects innovators and entrepreneurs to underserved communities, community health care organizations, and ecosystems of start-ups, incubators, and networks. We empower them to grow successful businesses that serve those who are medically underserved, while they uplift themselves, their families, and their community. 

We provide Entrepreneur Leadership Programs; Mentoring, Coaching, and Connections; and Emerging Health IT guidance and advising for entrepreneurs.

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