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We empower people and organizations to find their lane in the future of healthcare.

No one left out or left behind. Technology and innovation are rapidly transforming healthcare. Yet underserved and under-represented individuals, communities, and organizations risk being left behind and left out of this wave of transformation.

We fill the gap. We empower people and organizations in rural and urban areas to benefit from healthcare technology and innovation, and build successful, healthy futures for themselves, their families, and their organizations as employees or entrepreneurs. 

Innovation for everyone. Through training, coaching, and capacity-building, we help healthcare providers, nonprofits, and businesses grow and flourish through technology and innovation. We provide hands-on, real world help right now for the future.


Uplifting people,
Uplifting communities.

By giving people and organizations a chance to be part of healthcare innovation---as a health tech entrepreneur, a front line call center staffer, or a doctor in private practice--we give people the ability to uplift themselves and their communitiess.  

Healthcare transformation can improve health inequities and health outcomes if innovation is accessible to everyone.

We make it accessible.  

Two Friends with a Tablet

Embracing change.

Digital health. Patient engagement. Remote patient monitoring. Telehealth. Virtual care. Electronic health records. Predictive analytics. Personalized health and AI. 

Cybersecurity. Interoperability.

Technology and data are powering transformational change in healthcare. People and organizations can embrace innovation if given the chance.

We help them succeed.

Rural and urban.

Rural and urban communities often face obstacles to accessing training, technology, and technical assistance. From telehealth to workforce training, we provide training and tools to improve health outcomes, and uplift people, organizations, and communities in rural and urban neighborhoods. 

We make it fit the community.  


Our Services


Training, coaching, and mentoring.

We train, coach, and mentor innovators and entrepreneurs to ensure healthcare innovation for medically underserved communities. We train, coach, and mentor people looking for healthcare careers. We train, coach, and mentor healthcare providers looking to serve patients better and make their practice sustainable.

We develop people to develop healthcare. 

We are practitioners first, and trainers second. Our expertise comes from hands-on experience working directly with large and small community organizations serving the medically underserved, health professionals, and entrepreneurs.

Community driven.
Bottom up, instead of top down.

HTA Partners

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Howard County, in working to target resources and remove barriers for our community, recognized the vision of Health Tech Alley to create equitable health outcomes through technology. Through the Rise to the Challenge grant, we supported their development and design of a 6-week workforce development curriculum that provided upskill in digital health offerings and accelerated utilization in the healthcare workforce. Our County is proud to see Health Tech Alley continue this vital work through the SPRINT Challenge with the U.S. EDA.

Calvin Ball, County Executive
Howard County, Maryland

Image by Adi Goldstein

Recent News


Charles J Bubeck,
Executive Director
Maryland Innovation Center

The MIC is proud to be partnered with Health Tech Alley, an organization that exemplifies the innovation and community that defines the region and our commitment at the Center.


Dr. Mariana Izraelson, Executive Director, Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center

Grassroots is grateful for the expertise of Health Tech Ally in helping us select Electronic Health Record software to meet the expanding needs of our 24-7 crisis intervention center and the successful launch of our Outpatient Mental Health Clinic.


Gene M. Ransom III, CEO

MedChi is excited to partner with HTA on this important telehealth education and implementation project to benefit physicians, patients, and the public health of Maryland.


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Aug 2020

Health Tech Alley Founded.

Health Tech Alley founded as a Columbia, Maryland based nonprofit.


Oct 2020

Awarded $50K Rise to the Challenge Grant

Howard County grant to HTA to provide digital literacy training for healthcare organizations.

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